The Alexandra Rose

The Alexandra rose is a single David Austin rose with delicate pink and soft yellow single flowers. My books tell me it should be 'useful' in a mixed border. My Alexandra rose is a bit straggly in its present position, and is taking part in the next Great Autumn Shift.

 If you're trying to find this rose in your rose dictionary, look it up in the 'T' section!
the alexandra rose

The praying mantis on the rose in this early photograph is rather a large one - the flowers aren't small!

 An early David Austin rose.
The Alexandra Rose

Writing this some years later, I have shifted this rose onto the edge of the border, and it's much happier. The Alexandra rose only flowers once, but is well worth growing if you have the space. For me it's not a huge shrub, and tends to sprawl sideways, but that's OK. The flowers are so pretty!