Abraham Darby Rose

Abraham Darby is a well-established David Austin rose, and one of the first luscious peachy pastels to be planted in my garden. It is one of the strongest growing and most beautiful English roses, and so suitable for New Zealand gardens.

 A David Austin English Rose.
Abraham Darby

I remember first seeing Abraham Darby flowering in pots in a local display garden. I thought the colours were amazing, and I just had to buy three plants - greedy! I've already produced a fourth from a cutting (which is growing modestly behind the glass-house). Those three originals were shifted in 2003 to an open sunny place in the Willow Tree Garden by the water race.

A Tall Rose

The rose Abraham Darby grows quite tall in sunny New Zealand conditions, and I have one planted on a rose arch in the Hazelnut Orchard. He may not climb much abive six or seven feet, but he just looks incredible out in the open.

 This bush is in the Hazelnut orchard in the fresh air.
Abraham Darby Roses

Who was Abraham Darby? Apparently one of the founders of the Industrial Revolution...