Yellow Rose Images

I've collected up my images of yellow roses to present them together on one page. You'll see rugosas, fluffy David Austins, modern shrub roses and species roses. Most will be named - hopefully correctly!

I've learnt that identifying unknown roses isn't an easy matter. One needs to see the leaf as well as the bloom, and know the growth habit. Also different roses are popular, and available (or unavailable) in different countries. I rescue unwanted roses from nurseries and other peoples' gardens, so they arrive anonymously, and often I can only guess.

Yellow roses have always been a wonderful foil to the greenery in a garden. Less romantic than the reds, less girlie than the pinks, yellow is such a welcoming, cheerful colour, warming up even the most tired of gardeners' spirits...

The images you'll see on this page have already featured in my gardening journal. They are in strips of six thumbnails. Click on the yellow rose that you like, and you'll see a full-screen version. Welcome, and enjoy!