Pale Pink Rose Images

I have over a hundred pink roses in my garden. I love the 'girlie' nature of the colour pink, and it's definitely a colour that suits a rose. But oh my goodness there are so many different pink shades. I've collected images of my paler pink roses for this page. So pretty!

All these photographs have already featured in my journal pages, and some will have found their way into the roses-only section. But they are such a beautiful collection I just can't resist popping them all together.

Gentility, Femininity, Elegance, and Refinement?

According to a florist's webpage, pink roses symbolise gentility, femininity, elegance and refinement. Oh yes? In colour, maybe, but not always in growth habit. They obviously haven't met my big, blousy pink scrambler called Madame Leonie de Viennot. She climbs like a man!

The pink roses on this page are all either pale pink, palish pink, slightly pink, subdued pink, or subtle pink. I'm thinking ballet shoe ribbons and ballet tutus - the delicate blush of an English rose complexion, rather than a ruddy gardener's glow after a hard day's work in the sun. Enjoy!