Choisya Ternata

Chiosya Ternata, or Mexican Orange Blossom, is one of those shrubs which never fails its situation in the garden. It's evergreen with mid to dark green shiny leaves - easy to keep trimmed and tidy. It flowers generously throughout spring.

 Just starting to flower.
White Choisya Blossom

My Mexican Orange Blossoms will flower twice in the year if I give them a light trim after the first spring show. The flowers are white and star-shaped, resembling orange blossom. They have a fresh slightly citrus fragrance.

Good in the Mixed Border

I've taken basal cuttings successfully to produce new plants - I assume that cuttings should root fairly easily, too. These shrubs look good anywhere in the mixed border, and would probably make a good hedge. They fill out garden space quickly, and are totally frost hardy in my garden.

 A beautiful shrub for the late spring garden.
Choisya in the Garden

Choisya Ternata is used a lot in New Zealand council plantings near traffic routes - it obviously copes well with city style pollution. There's none of that in my garden!

 This shows the white starry spring flowers.
Mexican Orange Blossom