Winter flowering shrubs are worth a very special mention - in the Moosey winter garden I have a particularly well-loved Erica. It's low to the ground and extremely beautiful.

 A late winter - or early spring - flowering shrub.
Flowering Erica

This plant was already here in the garden when I first arrived, and apart from random haircuts at random times of the gardening year it has survived intact. It grows happily in the small vee shaped garden by the Laundry.

 This picture was taken before I cleaned up this garden area.
Flowering Erica in the House- Side Garden

I don't know much about Ericas, but I associate this plant with Scotland - I can remember taking photographs of completely purple hills the last time I visited.

On checking in my big book of shrubs I see that there are about 750 species of Erica. My book devotes seven pages to this useful shrub - mentioning types from all parts of the world. Who knows what the variety in the Moosey garden is called!

 What a beautiful colour this Erica is.
Purple Winter Flowering Erica