Bunting for Pond Cottage

So what's trending in the Moosey Garden? Bunting is becoming a very popular adornment for the outside of stylish cafes, craft stalls, and so on. My own Pond Cottage has had bunting for a few years now. Am I not on the cutting edge?

 Not hung up properly!
Blue Bunting for Pond Cottage

My first bunting was blue, a Christmas present from a crafty friend. She's an avid devourer of gardening accessory magazines, always hunting for quirky and slick gifts she could make herself. The bunting was a complete surprise, and so exciting (the previous year she'd made me a silly, frilly frou-frou tea-cosy - but I guess that's another story).

Patchwork Fabrics

After a few years of elemental weathering it was time to refresh. Daughter-in-Law of Moosey took the hint, found some beautiful patchwork fabrics in patterns of red and yellow, and sewed my new bunting. Isn't it beautiful?

 So pretty!
New Bunting for Pond Cottage

For anyone who isn't sure, bunting is a string of usually triangular fabric flags which can be hung up high - over a door, around the eaves of a house, and so on. You could easily make some for your house or cottage. Or even your garden shed...

 The new colours go nicely with the cottage.
Fabric Triangles for Bunting

Just for the record, both sets of bunting slowly came to pieces, the fabric rotting away. The last lot has been replaced with a string of fairy lights I bought at an Op Shop for one dollar. They've lasted for ages!