Pink Ballerina Rose

The planting on the corner of the Pond Garden is one of my favourites in the whole garden. I've planted two Ballerina roses next to a large bronze flax. Together with the green Gunnera, this is a trio of contrasts.

 Oh so pretty!
Pink Ballerina Roses

The two early pictures below might imply that not much changes in my garden. Not true! The big bronze flax got a serious chop in the winter of 2005 after snow damage - but it's since grown back more beautiful than ever. The Pond Garden has also been enlarged, and a couple of trees have come and gone. That's gardening life.

 Great combinations.
ballerinas, gunnera and flax - 2003

I love growing roses like Ballerina near the water, and I love these plant combinations by the pond. Every two or three years they get seriously pruned.

 The roses are cutting grown.
ballerinas, gunnera and flax - 2000

Such a pretty pink rose to contrast with the strong foliage nearby!