Garden Pond Path

I've had a Pond Beautification programme running for a number of years. It's been a bit of a stop-start gardening process, but finally I've learnt how to get tough. One of the results - a brand new pond path!

 My new waterside path.
Garden Pond Path

Dealing to the scruffy old trees has been the key. I've trimmed one Cotoneaster and organised the chain-saw to completely remove another. Several huge Locust trees, self-sown, have also been removed. It's simply a matter of getting tough with Non-Gardening Partner (the chain-saw man). There can be no dithering - I make my decisions, then call him in and point. And there is no place for negotiation!

Then I've barrowed in organic matter - compost, manure, and ash from my burning heap, to build up the soil. The last three ingredients - a garden bench, new plants (naturally) and a path - have been the most enjoyable things to plan and purchase. And shift around!

My Five Step Pond Beautification Plan

  1. Remove trees.
  2. Enrich soil.
  3. Add garden bench.
  4. Add plants.
  5. Build path.

A Gardening Success

Its the year 2008, and the Pond Beautification Programme is a success. There are reflections from strong striped Carexes and fluffy white rhododendrons. The path follows the edge of the water before curving out past the Cordylines and around the Gunnera. The garden bench is brilliantly situated. I should have removed those old trees years ago - now there's more light, more space, more shape, and definitely more ambience.

Some Years Later...

Oh yes, the path is still there, with attendant greenery and overhanging trees. But some little chaps have joined the path scenery - quite a lot of little chaps, actually.

 Check out those gnomes!
Path Around the Pond

They're garden gnomes, a collection of (oops) nearly seventy, and they go about their gnomish business on either side of the path. You'll see some of them in this later photograph...