Old Wooden Seat by the Water

Halfway along the Dog-Path, by the water race, I've installed simple seat, using an old wooden picnic table top. It has sedums planted underneath and a pink Iceberg rose behind, with clumps of variegated Japanese Irises and other assorted plantings.

The large white pole is part of the irrigation system for all the gardens over the water race. Sitting on the Dog-Path seat while the irrigation is on could be interesting...

 A sweet little seat!
Dog-Path Garden Bench - Early Days

In 1998, when this garden was initially developed, the Dog-Path seat was a metre upstream, and there were no connecting paths or roses nearby. The older photograph shows the original plantings of yellow pansies.

 Big Fluff-Fluff the cat says goodbye.
Dog-Path Garden Bench - Final Days

It's always been a little too sunny to sit here in mid-summer, but the sounds of the water rushing by create a delightful mood on clear winter days.

Decommissioned in 2011

By 2010 the Dog-Path seat was still in the same place. The only problem sitting here was the close-up view I'd get of all the weeds on the dog-path... But in the summer of 2011 the wooden boards broke apart, and what was left was far too wobbly to work as a seat. So sadly this seat was decommissioned and the path leading to it, no longer needed, was converted back into garden, with roses and daffodil bulbs all set to flower next spring.