Wood Pond Garden Decking

The L-shaped wooden decking by the pond has always been a restful place to sit. You can dangle your feet in the water, talk to a cat, throw tennis balls in the pond for the dog, or watch the colourful dragonflies skimming the water's surface. You might even see some little fishies!

 Rusty the puppy is interested in testing the water.
Puppy on the Pond Decking

These days you'll find a wooden table with seats upon which to relax. If you like pink, sit here in mid-summer and admire the Ballerina roses and the giant pink Filipendula.

 The Head Gardener and Fluff-Fluff the cat.
Pond Decking Garden Furniture

In the early days the decking was unadorned, with a scary little ladder going down to the water from its corner. In the height of summer you could lower yourself slowly into the chilly water. Decking definitely made the pond more user friendly - it soon became a great destination for picnics.

 The decking from another angle.
the pond decking (archive)

The plantings near the decking are varied, but the tall olive green New Zealand flaxes which self-positioned themselves dominate. I love them - they give my pond a New Zealand home-grown flavour.

 Every day a few more improvements.
The Moosey Pond - Summer 2008