Ballerina Rose

Ballerina is a lovely shrub rose with small pink and white flowers. It strikes really easily from cuttings - Ballerina roses grown on their own roots are strong and healthy.

 Each flower is quite small.
Ballerina Rose Flowers

I have a row of Ballerina roses by my pond, and several others in different gardens. They are all allowed to grow quite tall, and some are climbing into neighbouring trees.

 Dancing for the second time...
Ballerina Roses

All my Ballerina roses get the hedge clipper pruning treatment, and none get sprayed. Their flowering season is late, so like my Flower Carpet roses they fill in the flowering gap in my summer garden nicely.

 With flax and Gunnera behind.
Ballerina Roses by the Pond

Ballerina is like a small-flowered version of the rose Rosy Cushion - this rose grows in the side Pond Paddock garden. Thus I have created a rather lovely if unintentional colour echo with these two shrubs. And wait - there's more! After the pond Ballerinas have finished their first flowering flush the pink colour is taken up by the next door Filipendula. Ha! Colour style in the Moosey Garden!