Hellebore Garden

At the top of the Wattle Woods I have a shaded garden where I grow all sorts of Hellebores. Their flower colours are creams and dull pinky-reds. They make a beautiful mass display in winter.

 Some of the pinky-white ones.
Hellebores - Heads Down

By cutting out rogue Pittosporum seedlings and pulling out the annoying perennial forget-me-nots (Alkanet) the ground cover in this garden remains pretty much a Hellebores Only.

 Beautiful shades.
Pinky-Red Hellebores

There are a few Pulmonarias at one edge, and some Lamium underneath the nearby wooden seat. And naturally there is much self-seeding!

 A lovely, if subtle, winter flower.
PInk Hellebore

I used to pass by the Hellebores when I walked each day to feed my hens. All my winter wanderings are brightened up by their subtle colours. There's nothing too fancy - no deep wine-reds or special hybrids will be found here. Just honest Hellebores - so beautiful in late winter.