River Pumps

It's winter, and my two bright orange river pumps have been hauled out of the water for some maintenance. The swivel couplings need replacing. I knew that Using the force of the flowing water in the irrigation race, my river pumps swish water down a wriggling stream in the Wattle Woods. They provide enough (when they're both going) to keep the sweetest little pond at the bottom of the slope filled.

 Back in the water race.
River Pumps

The wriggling stream is lined mainly with black polythene, which this winter is also due for replacement. I've covered the plastic with stones, so you can't really see it. One of the Wattle Woods' paths crosses the wriggling stream in two places, by means of cute curved footbridges. All down the length of the stream are Phormiums and Astelias. The soil on either side is too dry for any traditional marginal plantings, and far too free-draining for the trickling water to reach the little pond without help.

RIP, Waterwheel...

In early days Non-Gardening Partner made me a water-wheel to fulfil this same function. It was so groovy when it went. But, alas, it became temperamental, spasmodically stubborn, and then totally stuck. It was made with a wooden cable drum, and now rests on the water race bank, a rotting relic hidden in a bulky Cortaderia.

 See, a small stick has caught in the propeller...
Orange Rife River Pump

I love my bright orange low-tech river pumps. They're perfect for my needs (which are, after all, purely ornamental). Hurry up and replace those swivel couplings, Non-Gardening Partner!