Wintering Over

 These are only half hardy in my garden.
Plants for Wintering Over

The glass-house in winter is always full of half hardy plants wintering over. The Moosey winter garden gets chilly, frosty mornings, and pelargoniums and daisies in particular wouldn't always survive.

Pelargoniums and Aeoniums

My favourite peppermint pelargoniums are particularly susceptible. So they have to spend the winter indoors. Later in spring I'll take cuttings and repot the parent plants. Succulents too, need care - particularly the Aeoniums I love to have in patio pots.

I also start off my spring seeds in the glass house in the middle of winter - the temperatures are never too cold, and the glass-house doesn't need heating. Things are always a bit messy, though - and often there'll be a mouse or two taking shelter in here.

 The glass-house is usually a warm, sheltered place to hide.
Sheltering from Winter Frosts

Perennial helichrysums, too, need to winter over. So in they come - there's always room!