Glass-House Garden Benches

Two rather oddly sized garden benches sit on the edge of the lawn either side of the Moosey glass-house. They are perfect for placing garden tools, gardening gloves, etc. on - and, of course, for a gentle rest in the shade. But...

 This picture was taken in late spring, when the rugosas were flowering.
Glass-House Garden Bench

Garden seats should provide a meaningful escape from gardening chores, though. Being so near the glass-house there are the inevitable questions - do the flowering annual seedlings in the glass-house possibly need watering? Perhaps the pots could do with a tidy-up? More cuttings? How about an early autumn sowing of lettuces?

Favourite Cat Seats

So I tend to use the seats for a frazzled, fleeting flop, rather than a purposeful rest with coffee and detective novel. But my cats don't seem to mind. These are favourite cat seats.

 Isn't he just the most beautiful fluffy cat?
Fluff-Fluff Cat on a Garden Seat

Both benches are singles, but super-sized, so a lone gardener muffled up in multi-winter layers can still fit. There's room for cats with annoying claws to sit alongside, instead of on the sensitive gardening thighs.

The Look Matters...

And let's face it - sometimes it's the look of a garden seat that matters, rather than the use thereof, isn't it?