Little John Taj-dog

The Plank spans the water race and marks the beginning of the Stumpy Garden. The lawn used to be quite stumpy, until the gardens were developed to disguise the old tree remains. This is Taj-dog, the first Moosey dog, crossing the Plank.

 Taj-dog of Sherwood doesn't return sticks to anyone apart from Non-Gardening Partner.
little john Taj-dog

Taj-dog used to love sticks, though he was reluctant to return any which are thrown for him - very reluctant. And he became more reluctant as he got older.


Here he is standing wistfully by three of the stumps over the water race. This photo was taken when the area was garden-free. Taj-dog has his eyes on something, probably a cat or a bunny rabbit.

 These stumps have been since levelled.
a dog thinking

My grand designs originally did not include stumps. It was to be a vision of beautifully mown grass, flat and green. Then the Stumpy Garden gained momentum, finally taking over, and I disguised the stumps with plants. Well, most of them.

These photographs are from the Moosey archives, and were taken when my gardens over the water race were still expanding. Taj-dog now has his memorial Almond tree in a paddock near the house. Dear Taj-dog - my very first country dog!