Introducing the Stumpy Garden

 Over twelve years ago - no planting at all!
The Tree Stump Lawn

The Stumpy Garden is the result of the slow but sure expansion of gardens by the water race. This area was originally called Stumpy Lawn, since it was full of large tree stumps. And one of my original Moosey cats was called Stumpy. Then the garden renamed itself without asking permission, trying to be known as the 'Willow Tree Garden'. But there was no willow tree, just a very large stump. Hmm... The Stumpy Garden? Much cuter!

Following the Water Race

Originally I had plans for a wilderness Oak tree grove with swathes of naturalised daffodils. In late 2001 the lure of some controlled ornamental gardening by the water proved too much...

So this garden, one of the last areas at Mooseys to be completely developed, follows the water race from the Plank to Car Bridge. My original plans were natural, wild, and romantic. My first compromise was to give up the idea of lawn gently sloping down to the water - the resident mower of lawns didn't fancy falling into the water. Funny, that!

And so I began to dig slowly along the bank. I soon reached the Willow Tree stump, which provides water-side shade - it's a most peaceful spot to sit and read, or peep over the water to the Stables Border and the Frisbee Lawn.

 Again, beautifully mowed grass...
Stumpy Garden Lawn in Spring

My water-side digging continued, shapes of the garden dictated by the straight water race bank and the remaining tree stumps in the level ground. I applied liberal quantities of horse manure, pea-straw, and newspaper for mulching, limbed up the Oak trees, and planted a trailer-load of rescued rhododendrons, names unknown. Wow - you should see them now, years later. They all have flower colours of a luscious spring fruit-salad.

Fruit-Salad Coloured Rhododendrons

The daffodils which started life in the grass are now incorporated into the middle of the garden. Birthday plant presents from London son, including a "Wedding Cake Tree" (my second most expensive purchase ever for the Moosey garden), fill up the end part of the garden.

Of course there's the cutest network of little mulched paths to help you explore. And maybe one day the tree house of my dreams can be built in the middle of the huge willow stump. That's your job, Non-Gardening Partner.