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Oh my goodness - this is a landmark day in Moosey life. For I have finally joined the social networks Facebook and Twitter. As if a good gardener hasn't enough other 'stuff' to do! However, until I get my head around things, my social networking profile will be extremely low!

Tuesday 15th March

It's raining today, and Tiger the cat is peering through the glass door miaowing at me to come in. She is officially joining my Reshape Up For Life Campaign, so I require her to waddle around to the back door. There's a new twist to the sadly needed RUFL - even the coffee cup has to be smaller. So there may be tiny touches of personal grumpiness in early morning writings in this journal!

I'm not gardening today. But tomorrow I'm going back to dig up the remaining Agapanthus, and boy oh boy! Then I will be busy. My plan is to spade the clumps of miniatures into quarters and mass plant them in my difficult areas behind the pond. The larger species clumps can go deeper into the Hump. The gardener whose garden I'm digging from has been so amazingly generous, recycling all these plants with no thought of making money. I could never, ever run a profitable garden nursery business - I'd want to give things away.

Wednesday 16th March

In the middle of the night there was a cat fight near the cottage, and I went outside to 'rescue' Minimus. The gardens at the back of the pond looked absolutely gorgeous in torch-light. This morning the sun was shining through next-door's paddock, in which ewes were lazily grazing, with late lambs bleating. It was a land and soundscape of rural loveliness - I hope the sheep are still there when the choir gives its performance in the Pond Paddock. I am definitely going to work hard today to plant nice things in this area.

 I love the cottage.
Pond Cottage in the Trees

Right. After two whole days off, during which I have been successfully Reshaping Up for Life, it's another Agapanthus day. And when I get home I can resume my bonfire burning, and start that planting. Back soon.

 Hee hee...
Agapanthus in My Car

Much Later...

Oh boy! I loaded my little green car full of Agapanthus and drove home, getting some rather odd looks from other motorists. Now my car is clean, and I'm about to play some chamber music - before my BIG PLANTING session. Please let the sun shine magnificently on the Poulenc flute and piano sonata, which I have jolly well practised.

Thursday 17th March

Hmm... I set off outside first thing this morning to plant Agapanthus, thinking I'd just clear a bit of garden first. Perhaps this part of the Frisbee Border would like a few of the miniatures? And then the reality of garden maintenance set in, it's now two hours later, and I'm no closer to grabbing the planting spade than I was at daybreak. Aargh!

However I will be returning to the garden, just as soon as I've had my lunch and coffee. This shouldn't take long, since I an Reshaping Up For Life and everything (including the coffee cup) is sooooooo small. Big Fluff-Fluff my gardening cat is flopped over the computer mouse, bunting my hands and purring loudly, waiting for session number two. I keep telling him I would never leave him behind.

A Facebook Flop!

So far I seem to be a Facebook flop - I only have one friend (daughter-in-law) and Mooseys Country Garden has no fans - I obviously haven't quite got the hang of advertising myself. It's like putting on a function and being the only one present. Planting Agapanthus may not be a very interesting Facebook activity? Hee hee... C'mon, big Fluff-Fluff, let's both go back outside. I know you're my biggest fan - and my best friend (apart from Minimus, Percy, Lilli-Puss, Histeria the tabby, fat flabby senior cat Tiger, and Rusty the bored dog).

Daffodil Blogorama :
My friend has invited me to write a Daffodil Page for her big Daffodil Blogorama.

Ha! It's later, and I've planted three Agapanthus clumps - only twelve to go. And I have a few more Facebook friends - mainly relatives of Moosey, plus my friend Daffodil Planter in California. Yippee! And one (just one) Twitter follower - I get more cat followers in the garden! But these are early social networking days, early days, hee hee...

I've also dug up some bright pink summer Phloxes from my friend's garden - they can go into the perennials garden by the Pergola. And it's high time I planted all my boxes of random daffodils - if I have the energy to mention them in words, then they should be in the soil.

 Looking up to the ram paddock.
Pond Paddock Decking

Friday 18th March

Hee hee. This morning I've already had so much fun, and I'm still in my powder blue dressing gown. While boiling my breakfast egg I tweeted, patted and fed Lilli-Puss in the Stables, and got Rusty the dog out of his kennel - discretely watching him (ahem) peeing for 45 seconds. I had several dreamy thoughts about where to plant today's Agapanthus. And I checked for Facebook improvements - overnight I have been furiously trying to collect friends. I can report that the breakfast egg was well and truly boiled. Oh - mustn't forget to check on my Russian spammer who thrice-daily visits the Moosey Forums, Cats and Dogs Section. Not every older-lady gardener has her very own Russian spammer...

 The biggest one in my garden - he guards the path beside the cottage.
Gary the Garden Gnome

Choir Visitors!

Stop this! I need to get gardening. The choir is performing here in the Pond Paddock in three weeks time, with hopefully an audience of keen garden tourists - that gives me three weeks to clear absolutely all the paths and tidy up all the gardens. Hopefully none of the visitors will be allergic to garden gnomes. And I have to plant all the new Agapanthus. And get Non-Gardening Partner organised. Aargh! So much to do, no time to tweet...

Much, Much, Much Later...

I've had a rather mammoth garden day - if that makes sense. I've tidied up the Driveway by the side of the house, trimming conifers, weeding, raking, doing everything I can to make these autumn gardens look OK. Japanese Anemones and pale blue Asters are the only flowery things, but of course there is still much foliage to enjoy. Even those sprawly conifers (eek) look nice at this time of the year.

Then I planted an Agapanthus clump (just one) in place of some dead-looking brown tussock grasses further along the Driveway. I filled the trailer with rubbish (that took ages, and there's still so much left). I burnt it all on my bonfire. These sentences are fairy basic and lack any whimsy or descriptive trickery. That's because even my thoughts seem really really tired. But I am very proud of myself. Good on me.