The Back Lawn

Happy lawns are irrigated lawns - ask any golf course! And my back house lawn is extremely happy, since it gets a double dose, reached by the sprinklers over the water race as well as those which water the house gardens.

 Dear dog.
Escher on the Back Lawn

And so it's a delightfully grassy green feature all year round, always able to give great definition to the gardens which hug its borders - the pergola garden, the Herb Spiral garden, even the tiny strip of garden behind the woodshed.

 Beautifully mown grass.
The Back Lawn

Neatly mowed grass is very pleasant to walk on - ask my dogs. And to play on - ask my concrete cricketers, who use the back lawn every day for their never-ending cricket match. They only stop playing when the Olearia hedge behind them is being trimmed or when the lawn is being mowed.

 The cricketers on the back house lawn.
Play Has Resumed...

My bonfire is sited on the back lawn near the water. This might spoil the look, but I have to burn out in the open, near water, so that's that! My dogs often find me lying down on the grass, hot and bothered after a long, tedious burning session. Aargh! Inevitably they think I'm in trouble, and start licking my face. Wake up, mother! Dogs! I am not dead!

 With dogs.
The First Autumn Bonfire

Cats are much more understanding of a gardener's need to stretch out on a lawn to snooze. They're likely slink over and smooch my hand or sit on my tummy.