Concrete cricketers

A group of slightly over-age and over-weight concrete cricketers are busy playing a game of cricket on the back lawn. I found them abandoned at a recycling depot of the local dump - naturally I just had to rescue them.

 On the back house lawn.
The Cricketers

Over the years sets of wickets and bails have rotted, and those creamy 'whites' have become slightly grubby. The cricketing chaps rarely go off for rain, but can be found sheltering underneath the Olearia hedge when the lawns are mowed.

 Concentrate, chaps!
My cricketers

They're wearing the colours of New Zealand and Australia's test cricket teams. But oh, those chubby tummies, retro moustaches, and balding heads! These chaps are obviously veterans of the game, from back in the day when more than a couple of cold beers were the end-of-day reward.

 The Australians...
Batsmen and Umpire
 The New Zealanders.
Fielder, Bowler and Wicket Keeper

I received this post from Cathy O'Connor, to explain how they got here: The cricketers were once sold by a Garden Nursery in the Waikato, New Zealand called Mainly Trees and Shrubs, (no longer operating) owned by myself and my husband. They were made by a couple from Silverdale, just north of Auckland, who made and sold concrete garden ornaments, The moulds came from the UK (the couple were from the UK). They were originally selling them just as black and white little guys, and we started getting them made in Aussie /NZ colours. Sir Richard Hadlee purchased 2 sets from us in the Aussie/NZ colours and we sold a set to the Northern District Cricket Club in Hamilton, painted in their colours. I believe these come out during games held there, and this is where Sir Richard first saw them. We still have our set, they moved to Australia with us. We were recently discussing them with friends when I googled concrete cricketers and came across your post.

 A tribute from the Moosey cricketers.
R.I.P. Shane Warne and Rod Marsh

Thanks Cathy for letting me know. Occasionally sets will be up for sale in New Zealand - for quite a lot more money than I paid for them! Ha! Cricketing heirlooms!