Hosta Vista

On the far side of the Apple Tree Border, under the apple-tree itself, is a small pink hydrangea. It is in the company of some pretty variegated hostas, or plantain lilies.

 These hostas are the species variety.
hosta vista

These species hostas start to unfurl in early spring, and they last for weeks and weeks. I'm lucky that Mooseys is a relatively snail-free garden, though!

 So pretty.
Forget-Me-Nots With Hosta

I allow blue forget-me-nots to self-seed in this garden - well, everywhere in my garden, to be truthful. They make such a pretty backdrop to the hosta spring foliage.

Blue-Green Hosta

This blue green hosta clump is due for dividing. It is one of the original texture plantings in the Apple Tree Garden.

 A beautiful close-up photograph.
Blue-Green Hosta

In this early photograph, a Cream Delight flax and a patch of Iris Japonica contrast with the hosta leaves. The yellow leafed shrub is a young Choisya Sundance.

mixed plantings with the emphasis on foliage
blue-green hosta - an early picture