Choisya Sundance

This slow growing golden Choisya (or Mexican Orange Blossom) has beautiful yellow foliage, and lightens up the shady Apple Tree garden with its sunny colours.

 It's much slower growing than the normal type.
Choisya Sundance

Choisya Sundance is a shrub which looks good all year round. It's called 'Sundance' for a very good reason! I also grow the normal Choisya Ternata shrub in quite a few of the gardens. Sundance is a variety I'd like more of, though!

 A very early picture.
choisya sundance - archives 1999


The golden Choisya shrub is now rather large (taller and stouter than the Head Gardener), as are its neighbours - the Yellow Wave phormium, and the golden rose Fruhlingsgold. But it's so easily pruned, and so forgiving. I love its sunny leaves, and the spring flowers are a bonus.

 A beautiful late spring pair.
Choisya Sundance with Rose Fruhlingsgold

Choisya Sundance is slower growing than the normal robust Mexican Orange Blossom, and like other golden leafed shrubs (and Head Gardeners) it can get scorched if the sun is too hot.