Choisya Sundance

A foliage shrub with sunny leaves in the middle of winter - a shrub which doesn't sulk in too much shade, or scorch if there's not enough - welcome, Choisya Sundance! You are indeed well-named.

 With summer perennials.
Choisya Sundance in Summer

Here is one of my 'just right' garden friends - not too big, not too small, not too bright, not too dull - and definitely not too pushy! Choisya Sundance looks fresh in summer, a perfect companion for Aquilegias and Delphiniums. Then its sunny foliage brings warmth and light to the garden border wintering-over.

Choisya Cousins

This Choisya is much more refined a grower than its cousin, Choisya Ternata (Mexican Orange Blossom). But like its more common relative it will accept either light pruning or serious chopping down without too much fuss. I suspect a relatively frost-free garden place would be best.

 Still looking sunny!
Choisya Sundance in Winter

The image of a sun dance, as opposed to a rain dance, is interesting, too! Anything that brings sunshine into the garden is so welcome. What a delightful name!

 Flowering in spring.
Choisya Sundance

Yes, this variety of Choisya flowers in spring. Even more reason to plant more of them...