Gay Baby Camellia

 Growing to a huge height.
Camellia Gay Baby

I knew that the big Camellia with smallish pink flowers on the edge of the Pond Paddock was 'Gay Baby'. I planted it some years ago, intrigued by the name. A few years ago I nervously googled it to check the other images. Yes. It's Gay Baby, alright!

I never wear my spectacles in the garden. They are far too 'all-seeing', and tend to highlight things I don't wish to notice. Often when Gay Baby starts flowering, it looks like a beautiful climbing country rose - to my fuzzy eyes, at least. In my defense there is a sprawling Clair Matin rose nearby, though of course this flowers much later.

Gay Baby now stands over two metres in height, and has a discrete narrowness which suits my gardening style. The path that creeps rather close by is rarely blocked.

 Pretty pink flowers,
Gay Baby Camellias

It's covered in subtle, pretty pink flowers at the end of September, which is mid-spring in my garden. It always looks neat and tidy. And I never notice the browning flowers, though I'm not sure if they fall off of their own accord. By then I'm too busy noticing other shrubs flowering, I guess.

 A very tall shrub!
Gay Baby Camellias