Moosey Cats Update

 At the feeding station in the kitchen.
Cats Percy, Histeria, and Fluff-Fluff

Cats do tend to come and go at Mooseys. The coming is often a happy accident (finding a kitten in the woodshed), and the going is often inevitable (saying goodbye to little Mugsy). But the September 4th earthquake has caused rather a lot more coming and going than I like!

A Feline Hero

The initial shake was ferocious. I knew the cats would disappear. But there was a feline hero - or in this case a heroine. Only five hours later Histeria the tabby came trotting back to the house over Middle Bridge. She bounced, she smooched - brave cat!

Then she followed me around as I wandered the paths, calling, calling for the others. At this stage I used the generic 'Poose, poose, poose', not wishing to offend any cat by using the wrong name. My cats do know all their names - honestly!

 Remind me again - who are you?
Cats - Percy and Tiger

A Cat's Got to Eat...

Oh dear. Tiger was the next to turn up. With her ultra-dependency on the contents of the fridge and larder she came inside on the evening of Day One. She was nervous - but a cat's got to eat, doesn't she?

The oddest and most random of my cats, Lilli-Puss (nicknamed the grey ghost) arrived upstairs at the same time. And she stayed house-bound, super-attentive, purring and hanging around, for the next six days.

Kaya the black hid under a bed after the earthquake, then whoosh! She escaped as soon as the appropriate doors were open. But Kaya loves her food and her humans, so she lurked around outside, close by.

Little Minimus was much more cautious. I knew I'd found her when the President Roosevelt rhododendron in the Wattle Woods squeaked at me. But she wasn't coming out, no way. It took Minimus three days to pop back into the house though the upstairs bathroom window.

 Brave cat!
Hissy the Heroine

My two ginger gardening cats (Fluff-Fluff and Percy) were the last to be sighted. I found them both in the rafters of the garage. Percy in particular was terribly upset. He couldn't relax in his wobbly house. Even now, over three weeks later, the rumble of a distant truck sees him wide-eyed, looking for the exit. Dear Percy, such a 'SNAC' - that's a Sensitive New Age Cat.

Back to Semi-Normal

So now we're back to semi-normal. All the cats have received bonus MVP points, and some lovely fresh pet meat (resulting in Tiger disgracing herself half way up the stairs). Aargh! Only dried food for you, naughty Tiger!

The house has happily rattled to over one thousand aftershocks, and cats still charge for the cat door in the bigger ones. Except Histeria the Brave, curled up on her favourite chair, who looks up and opens one sleepy eye.

So the house is misbehaving again - what's the fuss? Love you, Hissy!