Tiger the Cat

 Cat, crocuses, and a bumble bee.
In the Garden

Tiger the cat came to Moosey's Country Garden as a Christmas 2005 kitten with her brother Smoocher. The two newcomers soon named themselves - as soon as she settled in this little striped tabby female turned into a wee tiger!

A Curtain Climber

A feisty curtain-climber, destroyer of ornaments, she jumped up and zoomed over all the surfaces in the house, knocking down this and breaking that. She made all the play - brother Smoocher was chased, pounced on, teased by the scary moving curtain (with Tiger hiding behind), attacked by the scary moving floor rug (with Tiger hiding underneath).

Strangely Tiger's bravado always evaporated when she left the safety of the house and patios. She'd abandon the cat-walks by the garage - going no further, waiting (and miaowing noisily) for the head gardener to return. Her gardening cat-company patch was definitely in sight of the house!

Tiger Tricks

Climbing curtains and hiding underneath things still fill Tiger's days. Be careful when you sit down at Mooseys - that lump under the chair cover could well be feline and furry! Pick up the laundry basket and you'll be set upon by a jumping towel.

Moths, flies, and assorted winged insects on the ceiling - be very scared! Tiger can leap on top of the curtain rail in one second flat, and though wobbly she's prepared to stake you out! And you older, more mature Moosey cats - be very careful! Tiger's best friend is a dog.

 Tiger with Rusty the red border collie puppy.
My Best Friend is a Dog

The Most Delicate Matter of Size and Shape...

There's one more thing - a most delicate matter - which I need to mention. Tiger is - well, I have to be honest - a rather odd shape. The word is (I shudder to say this) 'fat'. The problem is one of leg-length (very short, with four white feet adding to the no-legs illusion) and head size (a very short neck doesn't help).

Thus the body in-between, with soft shining striped fur, can appear over-sized. Who am I trying to kid? She's like a furry rugby ball on legs! She's a cat-fattie!

 What a beautiful face!
Tiger the Cat

Welcome to the Moosey Animal Farm, Tiger.


Tiger won the Moosey In-House Most Valuable Cat Competition which ran over the Christmas weeks and into the New Year of 2005. She is currently making up ground in the Official Moosey Most Valuable Pet Competition (Global). A vote for Tiger is a vote for all lovable, purry, slightly-super-sized fat-cats with short legs in the world!