Nasturtiums in a Pot

Nasturtiums are the cheapest and easiest plants to grow. They won't last for ever in a pot, but I save their seed for next time.

I regularly buy in seed from a catalogue, to make sure that my nasturtium pots have just one colour. My two favourites are lemon and a mahogany red colour.

Variegated Nasturtium

I also have an orangey-yellow flowering variety with variegated leaves. You'll see one of these plants in the middle of the pot in the photograph. The seeds come true.

 Pots in front of the trunk of a Eucalyptus tree.
Early Summer Pots

The summer that this photograph was taken we had a week of temperatures in the low to mid thirties (celcius). At the beginning of the week my nasturtiums were flowering vibrantly. Five days later they were in full seed production mode!