Gaura Flower

While the Dog-Path Garden matures I'm happy to fill it up with a mixture of all sorts of plants. Two bargain bin perennials, a white flowering Gaura and a purple Verbena started their live doing really well here.

The details of the Gaura flowers are really beautiful to see close-up. These woody perennials are brilliant for flowering through many months. They look good in the dry and in the wet.

 white gaura flower and purple verbena
gaura in close-up

Now I wonder if that Gaura is still surviving?

Update 2010

Alas. The purple verbena mentioned above just couldn't take the winter frosts. I suspected as much, and now have some new varieties sheltering in my glass-house, to be treated as short-lived perennials. Oops - I think the white Gaura was pulled out in error some years ago. But the photograph is still beautiful!