Cats in the Dog-Path Garden

My early photographs of the Dog-Path Garden naturally contain pictures of the early Moosey cats. They helped me so much in my garden, sitting on the stumps and wandering along the paths.

Below you can see Sifter on a Dog-Path Garden tree stump and Jerome sitting in front. An uneasy truce had been declared (these two were not close friends). They were the only cats who would provide cat company over the water race. Gardeners can never be lonely if they have cat-company.

 Sifter and Jerome - Garden Tree Stump Cats.
cats on tree stumps

This photograph is definitely from the Moosey Archives. Those stumps are no longer visible as the plants in the Dog-Path Garden have smothered and covered them. And Sifter the cat is no longer visible either - he went AWOL many years ago. The faithful Jerome stopped coming gardening as she got older, and is now dearly departed.

Cats Use Dog-Paths Too

Cats definitely use dog-paths, and they often show off their agility by walking along the stones. Here is an archive photograph of Jerome passing a needle leaved Euphorbia which is called Fens Ruby.

 Jerome the Cat on a garden mission.
cat on the dog-path

The aforementioned euphorbia is lovely, delicate, and rather invasive, so be careful where you plant it. And perhaps it's better not to give a wee piece to your best gardening friend...