Nicotiana Sylvestris in Flower

 One of my most favourite self sown plants.
nicotiana sylvestris

I love letting the perennial Nicotiana Sylvestris plants self seed throughout the garden. If I don't like their position, they're very easy to remove - I've had to move them from the Dog-Path Garden paths.

The imaginatively named Middle Path (which separates Middle Garden from the Dog-Path Garden) had serious problems for a few years, and had to be ruthlessly reclaimed. It became completely submerged under these huge Nicotianas, acquiring legendary status as one of the fabled Lost Paths of Mooseygan.

Nicotiana Update

This goes on my late winter 'to-do' list. How about a deliberate planting of these beautiful flowering plants in the back of the Dog-Path Garden, amongst the rhododendrons? Please, please, please? Even if it takes a year to sow the seed and wait for the plants...

 Ornamental tobacco.
Nicotiana Sylvestris