Driveway Golden Leaves

It's Autumn in my garden, and the thorny Gleditsia tree in the driveway is starting to lose its leaves, forming a carpet of gold on the gravel. Early Autumn is a mellow yellow time of year, a time for thinking and planning new things.

 Some things change, some things stay the same...
Autumn on the Driveway Bend - 1998 to 2011

In theory I can garden happily and comfortably throughout the autumn and winter months. And Autumn has the advantage that it is almost always windless. There's a peacefulness about the garden, with the days shortening and the leaves changing colour.

Gold First

The golden-leafed autumn trees, like the Gleditsia, always change colour and drop their leaves first. Then I know for sure that the seasons are on the move.

 Golden autumn leaves on the gravel.
Rusty Dog in the Driveway

OK, Rusty the dog. We're on the move too - off down the road for an autumn walk.