Weeping Silver Birch Tree

Standing by the house you get a good view of the weeping silver birch, as the driveway curves out of sight past more big trees. All were planted when we arrived - and they're growing bigger.

 Winter for the weeping Silver Birch.
Down the Drive We Go

The weeping silver birch tree is attractive all the year round, though some of those weeping branches are sticking up and out and rather odd angles! I didn't plant it, but I really like its style and prominent position. I'm not sure it enjoys the tenacious ivy which is growing up its trunk, though.

Early days...

Below is an archive photograph taken in autumn - a season where the golden-leafed deciduous trees really make a statement.

 What an evocative season in the garden Autumn is.
top of the driveway - autumn 2000

In the year 2000 I wrote: 'There's much warmth from the golden and yellow leaf colour. Later in the season I'll rake up all the leaves that are covering the gravel. But for now, I'll enjoy their rich golden carpet.