Driveway Trees

Mature deciduous trees grow along the driveway, and around the Driveway Lawn. They are a lovely mixture of Elm, Prunus, Dogwood, Sorbus, and Gleditsia. I love their autumn colours, spring blossom, and leafy shade in the summer.

 A Cotinus, Prunus, and a Golden Elm.
Trees in the Driveway

Gradually I've added shrubby plantings underneath, using a lot of native evergreens. One design feature was suggested years ago by artistic Younger Son of Moosey - the small balancing border, seen here on the right of the driveway. Plantings include flaxes, rhododendrons, hellebores and a beautiful purple Cotinus shrub, over which the mature trees tower. As a result the driveway lawn becomes a secret, enlosed space.

 The new garden is recently planted in this photograph.
driveway trees - summer 2004

The big dark wine red leafed tree on the right is just an ordinary Prunus, much admired throughout summer. The tree to the left is a Golden Elm.

 Check out all that beautiful blossom!
Driveway Trees - Spring 2008

The big driveway trees give much seasonal interest. In spring there's lots of frothy pink, white, and soft lime green blossom to enjoy.

 Such pretty colours.
Malus and Elm Tree in Spring

And later, after the richness of summer, all the leaves will turn red and gold - the fiery colours of autumn. The most spectacular is a large Gleditsia tree.

 A thorny tree.
Gleditsia Tree in Autumn

My personal tree contributions have been a Crab-Apple and a purple-leafed Cotinus. I've removed quite a few self-sown Pittosporums, and planted others where I want them to grow.