Mid-Summer Rose

Every year in mid-summer the scrambling rose called Wedding Day produces its creamy white single flowers, high in the trees which shelter the driveway.

And every year in mid-summer the wind blows the rose around, and long thorny canes just happen to drop down. Mid-summer is also the favourite time for bicycle rides at dusk and the Head Gardener tends to zoom down the drive like a woman possessed - in serious training for le Tour de Moosey.

 A huge scrambling rose.
Wedding Day

Then at dawn you might find her sauntering dreamily down the Driveway, not paying much attention to anything. Ouch! Aargh! Rip! Scratches - and blood!

Romantic Climbing, Rambling and Scrambling Roses

I bought the rose Wedding Day with a gift voucher, when I was in my romantic climbing, rambling and scrambling roses phase. Hmm... Enough said!