Golden Elm Tree Blossom

 With a show-off pink Malus in the background.
Golden Elm Blossom

It's mid-spring again and the Golden Elm trees in my garden have just burst into blossom. Their flowers are a stunning light lime-green colour - so much more subtle that the pinks and whites of the show-off flowering cherries and crab-apples nearby.

Subtle and Green

But subtle doesn't necessarily get photographed very much, particularly when it's green, and in competition with all the other fresh green spring growth. A tree with green blossom above eye-level can so easily be taken for granted, when there are pink, blue, and yellow spring things below.

The vibrant lime-green Golden Elm leaves will appear soon enough and they'll probably be relegated to being a 'backdrop' for all the gorgeous colourful things underneath, too. This just doesn't seem right, does it?

 With a lovely spring blue sky!
Golden Elm Tree Spring Blossom

These beautiful trees are not being properly noticed, nor are they getting the appreciation they deserve. It's time to set the Moosey record straight.

Beautiful Trees

I love you, my Golden Elm trees, and finally I've got some gorgeous photographs of you in blossom, thanks mainly to the eagle eye of my camera-wielding web-master. Go, you beautiful trees! And thank you for being such a groovy colour, particularly when there's blue sky above you!

 A beautiful sunny sight in spring.
Blue Sky and Golden Elm Blossom