Tussock Grass

There are tussock grasses in all parts of the Moosey Garden - this brown variety is one of my favourites. Using brown as a colour in a mixed border should put me on the daring, cutting edge of garden design, too...

 One of the foliage plants I use everywhere in the garden.
Brown Tussock Grass

Tussock grasses are often found in the bargain bins and on the sale tables in the nurseries I visit. I like using them on the edges of gardens - though I often make the mistake of planting too close to a path. They get haircuts (it's actually quite satisfying giving a carex a bowl-cut) but they still provide useful seedlings for my newer gardens.

In the driveway border there are five or six of these interesting little grasses, and I love them. Brown is definitely a bold colour to embrace (I am a little touchy about the brown Frisbee Lawn in high summer, for example).

 With Rusty the dog.
Tussocks in Winter

Cat and Dog Proof

I often watch the tussocks waving in the strong winds we get, and I feel very sensible, and in tune with my environment. I also watch the cats leaping onto (and sometimes into) the larger carexes. The ginger kitten Smoocher would flatten them with his bouncing and wriggling antics. Grasses that have survived a cat's athleticism (and a dog's calls of nature) can survive anything!

Update - 2010

Yes - the tussocks are still there! It's mid-winter and I've just been grooming them (the usual comb and pudding-basin haircut trim). Survivors! Though their brown, dead colour in winter is enough to get my digging spade twitching...