Annual Cornflowers

This purple cornflower is a sentimental favourite annual - I first saw this colour in the famous Somerset gardens of Hestercombe, which I visited on my great English Garden Tour and Adventure in the summer of 1996.

 I also grow these every year from fresh seed.
Purple Annual Cornflower

The very next year the seed became available in New Zealand. Every year since I have grown my own new plants in the spring. I'll never forget my English garden touring adventures back in 1997 - this flower always reminds me of the fun I had.

 I love blue things.
Blue Cornflowers

Of course each year I sow seedlings of blue cornflowers - both tall and dwarf varieties. I always collect my own seeds, but it's easy (and cheap) to buy in seed packets.

Cornflower Mulch

A favourite trick is to cut up old cornflowers with scissors to act as a mulch. Usually quite a number of new seedling plants are created this way. Sneaky!