Nasturtiums brighten up many of my garden borders and garden pots. They self seed happily, and give great colour for months of the year.

In winter I enjoy ordering different coloured nasturtiums from the seed catalogue. The colours of course look intriguing, and interesting, I rather like the varieties with subtle striped petals. I like to have have some Nasturtiums growing in pots.

 I also like growing them in pots.
Mahogany Nasturtiums

The ALlotmenr Garden, down the side of my property seems to be the best place for my Nasturtiums to grow and self-seed. They're a great indicator for winter, too. As soon as the night-time near frost kills them, I know that cold days are coming.

 The strongest red colour.
Nasturtiums in the Allotment Garden

Nasturtiums are great for a cottage garden look, or to grow as colourful cover for rough ground. There's always joy as these self-seeding annuals shine through the rest of the mess!

 These grow in one of my pots.
Lemon Nasturtiums