A Frisbee Dog!

 She loves it.
Winnie Fetches Her Frisbee

Yippee! The Frisbee Lawn, named right at the beginning of my garden's history, now has an actual dog who loves to chase her frisbee. Welcome to Winnie the black and white Border Collie, who joined our family late in 2014. Finally the lawn has a Frisbee Dog.

The area was originally called the Frisbee Lawn more for its potential than any other reason, being a suitable shape and size. But the first two Moosey dogs, Taj and Rusty, didn't 'do' frisbees. Nor did any of the resident adults, either. And of course the cats were far too busy to waste time fetching things.

A Serious Frisbee Obsession...

Young Winnie is a collie with serious obsessions. One of these is her bright orange frisbee, which she's always loved to chase and, if possible, catch. The thrower (usually Non-Gardening Partner, whose spin and flick is superior to my own) always gets bored before the dog. Winnie knows where her frisbee is kept, too, and will bark and indicate outside the garage. Throw, please!


Winnie's cat-mates, Tiddles and Buster, used to watch and sometimes join in the chase. This made me giggle, and foolishly I encouraged the two kittens - until the day of 'The Accident'. It wasn't nice. Winnie ran over Tiddles the tabby (who'd just been spayed) and her internal stitches were compromised. Two more operations, eight long weeks of recovery, and a cat head-bucket later...

 Her best toy.
Winnie and her Frisbee

OK, Winnie, I know you didn't mean to hurt your friend. But now I make sure the Frisbee Lawn is catless before that bright orange frisbee comes out! Enjoy, my lovely young dog, enjoy!

Update 2021

Well, that was then and this is now. Winnie has had to have two cruciate ligament surgeries. That frisbee was banned a couple of years ago when her first back leg started giving trouble. The Frisbee Lawn is again frisbee-less.