Behind the Stables

The area behind the Stables was initially difficult to garden. Next-door's huge pine plantation was close by, and there was very little sun. I did my best, planting roses along the sunnier water's edge and Camellias in the shade along the back wall of the Stables.

 Oops. Clover flowers in the lawn!
The Back of the Stables

Then - a touch of unplanned magic! Down came next-door's trees. Well, initially it wasn't so magical, since many fell down in a severe gale. It was weeks later before heavy duty tree-machines did the rest. The garden was suddenly light, open, and awash with sunshine. There was definitely room for more roses, so I immediately planted several recycled pinks with some new little Hebes.

 This area was wrecked by the fallen trees back in September. How the garden has fought back!
New Pink Roses

A big green Phormium was badly squashed by a fallen tree, and had to be severely trimmed. As they do, this wonderful native plant resprouted immediately. Eight months later it's neat, compact, and beautifully green, showing no signs of damage.

Lucky Camellias...

The Camellias along the back wall were very lucky. A huge pine tree crashed onto the Stables roof, but its side branches cleverly missed the precious shrubs. They were all bred by my plantsman friend.

 Bright pink, bred by my friend.
Camellia Behind the Stables

Another enormous Eucalyptus tree landed on the little lawn, only causing superficial damage. Mind you, at the time I was really upset, thinking that my garden had been completely wrecked. I cried and cried...

 Lucky plants!
Tree Mess Behind the Stables

Some Agapanthus and Pelargoniums grow around the surviving gum tree, and a clutch of fat bamboo hugs the corner of the Stables. I love the beautiful mural depicting the mountains, painted on the Stables wall.


I never realised how oddly oppressive that huge pine forest was. My new sunny garden has a lightness and free-spirited feeling to it, and is full of colour, even in winter.