Blobby Conifer

This conifer was planted on the edge of the Frisbee Lawn when we first arrived. It's been given 'the treatment' by the hedge trimmer, to try and contain its bulk without doing too much damage. It's large, green, and can be quite a nuisance. Frisbees and tennis balls thrown for the dogs and going slightly off track end up in here. And they are impossible to retrieve!

 Photograph taken in 2018.
Blobby Conifer

One of my early journal comments was : 'It is a neat compact grower.' I must have been dreaming. Oh no it's not! It's a menace, a light-blocker, a monster which doesn't know when to stop growing. It has no sense of scale, and the edge branches look rather rough close-up.


I don't choose to grow many conifers in my garden, so this blobby conifer had better behave! Because I'd love to get it chopped down to the ground.