Roses in the Stables Border

I love the look of roses growing in and around striped Phormiums. In the winter of 2013 I carefully planted some recycled roses along the front of the Stables Garden, and then crossed my fingers. Would the big Phormium hybrids be happy to share airspace and sunshine with them?

 The pink rose is Bantry Bay
Roses in the Stables Garden

And what colours would they be? How exciting. But, perhaps more importantly, would they live? I added some topsoil, and adopted a strict spring watering regime. All was well for a few years.

Delightful Retro Roses

They were all delightful 'retro roses' - hybrid teas which were popular back in the 1970s : Michelangelo (the Sam McGredy version), Margaret Merrill, the soft pink Aotearoa, and Whiskey Mac, such a subtle colour, and my real favourite.

 So beautiful.
Whisky Mac Rose

The roses all belonged to a town gardener who had to sell and move into a rest home. I really thought they'd like their new country home in the Stables Garden. But no - they didn't flourish here. Two shifts later, and I think I've finally placed them properly. Now the only roses growing in the Stables border are David Austin's The Pilgrim and Perle D'Or. And those two are moving out soon. It's just not the right place for roses. So sorry.