Dogs on the Frisbee Lawn

All the dogs that have lived at Mooseys (or have visited) have spent quality play-time on the Frisbee Lawn. Whether retrieving sticks and tennis balls, playing with a football, or just doing roly-polies down the slope, this is a Dog's Playground. It's sited to get both summer and inter sun, with garden benches for the watching (and stick-and-ball-throwing) adults to enjoy the spectacle. There's nothing remotely fragile, and no need to bellow out 'Get off the garden!'.

The first Border Collie to live here, Rusty, really enjoyed taking his tennis ball out to the Frisbee Lawn. Trouble was, he then wouldn't drop it, even if offered a second alternative ball. So throwing sessions with him were rather short of duration. I have said 'Rusty, if you don't drop the ball then I can't throw it for you' a thousand times. Hmm...

 Just try and pick that ball up - no chance!
Rusty with Tennis Ball

When they were younger dogs, the black and white collies Winnie and Pebbles really enjoyed chasing their frisbees and tennis balls around the Frisbee Lawn. Then Winnie's issues with her dog-knees saw the frisbees retired, and the ball-thrower packed away, on the stern advice of our vet. Now only gentle parabolas, thrown by hand, are allowed.

And the visitors?

Visiting big brown dog Escher has never really wanted to catch anything. He prefers to roll down the slope with his legs in the air. Frida the young GSP loves chasing and retrieving anything, though her fun object is a somewhat flat football which she can carry back to the kicker.

 Escher, Frida and Winnie
Boxing Day Dogs

I've spent quite a lot of good gardening time just sitting on the garden benches on the top of the Frisbee Lawn - thinking about the dogs, and not the garden, hee hee.