Frisbee Gardens Images

The different areas which I've lumped together and called 'The Frisbee Lawn Gardens' have totally different looks and moods, depending on their location with respect to the irrigation. Here are some of my recent images.

The Allotment Garden

You'll enjoy the quaintness of the Allotment Garden. But don't expect to see many traditional vegetables in here! Oops.

And lots of pretty, fluffy things still fill the Birthday Rose Garden. Well - that's what you'd expect, after all, in a rose garden, which also has peonies and irises. Though quite a few roses which started life here have been moved out into sunnier places.

Birthday Rose Garden Images

The Rockery behind the garage, however, is underwhelming, though the Camellias which have taken over the air space are beautiful in spring. And the small Lavender garden which surrounds the dog kennels gets so scruffy by mid-summer I dare not take any photographs. Well - perhaps a few, particularly of the blue flowering Agapanthus!

The Poor Frisbee Lawn!

The Frisbee Lawn itself is a wonderful open area for the dogs to chase their tennis balls, but it isn't the most stylish. The grass browns off in summer (there's no irrigation) and the narrow border around it can be neglected for weeks. Poor things!

It's a dry, super-sunny area for plants, and nothing precious can be trusted to grow well. But there are still some pretty flowering shrubs and trees to be found - like the Camellias behind the garage, which thankfully do get watered.

So the Frisbee Lawn suffers in silence for much of the summer months. And, naturally, photographs of such uninspiring things should be kept to an absolute minimum!