Things that I've almost finished...

 Flowering in the Frisbee Border.
Shrubby Lavatera

Here's something else that I've almost finished - the newly expanding Frisbee Border. My garden life is full of things that I've almost finished - but at least that means I start things, I guess. And tomorrow I will be even more 'almost finished', hee hee...

Sunday 19th February

As I dug into the Frisbee Lawn late yesterday I was thinking about things that make people (not me) gloomy. Getting last weekend's compost, the man at the landscape supplies wasn't a happy chappy. 'We've seen the best of the world' he droned as I paid for my two scoops. 'Now it's only going to get worse.' I couldn't really respond to that, other than giving a low feminine grunt. This weekend the conversation went up a notch: 'I've been trying to have my cup of tea all hour. And my pie's got cold.' This time I did speak, apologising as I paid up. I couldn't help it - I felt so sorry for him.

But I've been giggling ever since. You see, he could well be right. A cold pie is definitely a strong indicator that his world has got worse, hee hee. And further, how could someone who drives a groovy scoopy compost-loader (one that goes beep-beep, and has a flashing light on top) possibly be gloomy? Millions of small boys will agree with me.

 Look at that giant Gunnera!
Little Mac the Kitten on Willow Bridge

It's a good day for garden reflection (and piano practice) as drizzle flutters down outside. Later, if I feel like getting wet, I'll finsih the digging.

Much, Much Later

I have finished preparing the Frisbee Border. The edge is redefined, the droopy Alberic Barbier rose trimmed so the tractor (with lawn-mower attachment) can mow underneath. The border is composted and mulched. And now I have room to plant daffodils and a few more roses. It's a small-shrubby border with Variegated Corokias, Hebes, a couple of Phormiums and lovely late-summer flowering Lavateras. With a tidy, well-defined edge the whole Frisbee lawn looks great - I might even bring my next visitors here!

 And praying mantis.
Golden Tribute Rose

Monday 20th February

Daughter of Moosey is just back from a serious three week trip in the mountains, covering 268 rugged kilometres with full pack and dehydrated food. I'm off swimming, leaving the fridge full of fresh things. Mothers are allowed to be less adventurous, I've decided. I wonder how many kilometres I've plodded around my garden while she's been away...

Exciting news. She has promised to write up her huge trip in the mountains, and give me her photographs, so I can publish them proudly. Adventurer's mother, having apparently passed on her bad hiking knees, never-the-less basks in reflected glory while staying firmly at home in her garden.

Much Later...

What a brilliant day! I've raked all the paths in the Wattle Woods, trimmed Phormiums, cleaned out the little wriggling stream, weeded, nipped overhanging Pittosporums, and removed huge pieces of gum bark. I love the little curved footbridges, and I love all the native greenery. I even love the huge gum trees which drop so much mess. This is young Minimus's territory, and she had been following me around. Sadly Little Mac doesn't come gardening over here - Minimus chases the kitten away.

 Scale 1 : 12.
Miniature of Fred Lamb

Tuesday 21st February

Only three hours work today, firstly spreading more horse manure and then turning my attention to the lighter, cosmetic side of gardening. Aargh! I can remember clearing weeds and trimming the edges of the Birthday Rose Garden like it was just yesterday (it obviously wasn't). Three barrowfuls of rubbish came out of this garden in three hours, which doesn't seem to be very efficient. It started spitting, then dripping, then raining, so I've come inside. By the way, the edges of the Birthday Rose Garden look great!

Awwwww - look at Fred the lamb, captured in a miniature sculpture by artist Kerri Pajutee. What a funny, bossy lamb he was! Cross my fingers that this talented artist might choose one of the Moosey cats to sculpt next time. I would be so honoured...