Thinking about roses...

 Pretty daffodils.
Hello Spring!

Warm spring temperatures (today is twenty-one degrees Celsius) have put me in a rosy mood. I am going to plant my potted-up roses - some in the patio garden, some in the Hump. And maybe buy some large country rugosas for The Hump. I'm thinking Agnes (love her to bits). Am verrrrrry tempted.

Sunday 16th September

So it's another wonderful spring day, starting with a birthday brunch (for meeeeeee), then home to check on my little hoses and the little pump which 'powers' them. Yes! All nozzles in working order, no dribbly fittings, and no obvious holes anywhere.

There have been drying nor-west winds of late, and no rain, so parts of the garden need watering. Already! Today I'm watering the Driveway Garden, the House Garden, and the wee garden by Pond Cottage, shifting the hoses every hour. Tomorrow I buy an extension hose so I can reach my potato patches in The Hump.

In between shifting the hoses, I have been industriously weeding (mainly 'parachute' weeds) for four hours. Darling little weeds, which are happily growing all through the lawns, too. This doesn't help my (garden) border control!

Love the double Kerria, flowering now, such a warm yellow. And the mid-season rhododendrons are just about to start flowering. Love my spring garden, where so many things are overlapping. Late Camellias (like the red Roger Hall), so-called winter roses (Hellebores) still flowering, and spring shrubs like the Australian beauty Eriostemon.

 But he has lost his variegation...
President Roosevelt Rhododendron

And guess what? There are less weeds in my garden than this time last week, hee hee...