Buster gets stuck...

 My beautiful black cat.
Black Buster

I'm not happy. It's my temporary dog-fence (about one hundred meters long), which deters my dogs from going next-door. The one that took me three days to build from old wire netting and broken posts, feeling rather 'hard done by' because nobody else seemed to think it necessary. You get the picture...


This morning the neighbours were zooming up and down their driveway. The fourth time I went to remove Pebbles (she kept barking at them) I got a dreadful fright. A next-door vehicle zoomed past yet again, followed by next-door's dog, and then a large black object landed splat! - stuck fast in the middle of my wire netting fence. Eek! It was Buster my black cat, and for five horrible seconds I thought she was dying, or dead, run over.

Awful! Saw her tail and eyes flicker, couldn't see blood, didn't quite know what to do. Paws and face were stuck fast in the netting. Managed to bounce her out of the wire in reverse. Phew! She shook herself and ran off. So she was moving. But I needed to check her for injuries... Spent the next five minutes calling, trying to find her, getting more and more worried. Finally she popped in the house window, as if nothing scary had happened. She purred at me and ate a plate of cat food. I shut her in to recover from her 'accident'.

 Very elusive and difficult to photograph.
Beautiful Buster the Black Cat

So Buster is OK. But my wire-netting fence isn't. It is hopeless and horrible. Pieces of it are breaking, it's a danger to my cats, and any dog with half a nose can push through underneath anyway. So I'm going back outside to burn rubbish on my bonfire until sundown. During this tedious, smoky process I will come up with a solution to my fence problem. Actually, it might be time for Non-Gardening Partner to come to the fencing party.


It was a rather sombre three-hour bonfire (a mixture of leaves from the lawns and Leyland hedge trimmings) as I thought things through. I kept seeing Buster splayed out, stuck in that netting. Aargh! I will investigate the price of netting that is visible. I will talk to NGP. I have four unused fence posts that I still haven't used. And I'm good at digging deep holes..

 By a Phormium called Cream Delight.
Buster in the Driveway

So let's get up-beat. Buster is definitely OK. I can fix my fence, I just have to spend some money on it. I have money. And on Sunday morning I sang alto in THE most beautiful Mass ever written (by Zoltan Kodaly) and I only missed five notes (I hung grimly onto that rogue A-sharp, even though it sounded dreadful, hee hee).

Buster is just fine...

Buster is just fine. My beautiful black cat - what a fright you must have had. What a fright you gave me.

 Watching the gardening action.
Buster in a Tree