Big Day Out for the Sheep

The sheep in the orchard paddock have just had an amazingly interesting day. First of all, into the far sheep yards for some worm treatment. Yeay! Then the gates open like magic and off down the driveway we trot. Go straight. Follow the sheep in front. Which sheep? It doesn't really matter.

 Follow that ram!
Sheep Going Down the Drive

OK, go straight. But maybe make a wee deviation, around this curved bit? No - it's blocked by a scary thing (a photographer). Past the greenest grass - quick, girls! Snatch a bite, munch munch. Then turn into the front paddock.

 Back home he goes...
The Spare Ram


Then some dark trickery. One minute you're following the black-faced ram. The world is covered in green, tasty grass. Look up a minute later and it's turned a dry brown. You're shut in more sheep yards, surrounded by fences. How did that happen?

But there's more! That chunky black-faced ram has been tricked into the trailer and is being driven away. On his own! Poor chap...

Open Sesame!

But wait! The gates are open - off again! Follow that sheep. Jolly exciting, this is, back up the driveway to the orchard. Off to a new paddock (well, it feels new, to a sheep).

And the whole world is good and green again. Munch munch.

The spare ram...

The spare ram had jumped two fences from next-door to get into our property. Alas, being already pregnant by their own merino ram, our girls didn't fulfill his ovine dreams. So he's back on his own farm, all alone in a small paddock - last seen looking wistfully through a fence. Dream big, Mister Ram, but please stay home!

 Minus the spare ram.
Back we go...