Cats, Dogs, Jigsaw, Garden...

Time for some cat and dog news first, before I mention the summer garden. I've forgiven the Fred cats for destroying my 2000 piece Christmas jigsaw, now that it's finally finished. Black Fred is even allowed to curl up in the (empty) jigsaw box.

 2000 pieces.
The Christmas Jigsaw is Finished

For the first four nights of 2022 I didn't see Speckles the stray, though something ate his supper each night after dark, every last cat biscuit, the bowl of fresh meat licked spotlessly clean. Silly me, I felt a bit sad, wrote this in my journal :

Speckles the Stray :
Speckles is a young mackerel tabby, not tame at all.

Message to Speckles the cat : if you are reading this (?), please get in touch in person. Or should that be 'in cat'? Please come to the cottage verandah. Love from that nice lady who silly cat-talks to you and feeds you.

Then late yesterday afternoon Speckles randomly popped out from underneath the verandah. I hand-fed him his meat, and tried a discrete chin tickle - no way! He jumped back and ran away, but then did return for more food. Early days.

 Waiting to do something...
The Dogs

More cat news...

Meanwhile black Buster dances in and out of the house, full of cat-joy. Minimus continues to be nice (and generous, since Speckles is fed on her cottage verandah), and Lilli continues to be a grumpy old lady. But she's well-fed and much-cuddled, and her life is comfortable, if slow. Mind you, she moves pretty fast when chasing poor Pebbles the dog. The scary cat is coming to get you again, Pebs!

Dog news : Let's DOOOOOOO something! Let's go outside and bark at the wind. Right. Done that. Let's DOOOOOOO something!

Garden news : It's been a bit too hot for plodding around and raking up heavy messes. The blackcurrants (yum) are fruiting, dahlias are flowering, and I've seen squillions of rogue potato plants. My beans didn't germinate, so the Obelisk is partially covered with Sweet Peas only.

 January 2022.
The Edge of the Hump Garden

The new roses nearby (particularly The Active, a sport of Mutabilis) are growing well. As are the lawns and the weeds.

Things I love in the Hump Garden :

 Bred by Noack.
Salmon Flower Carpet Rose

And finally, a list of things I might do today :

As you can see, this second list is not really about me at all. Wish me luck!